Highlights in Iraqi newspapers on Saturday

2016-07-23 10:53

Baghdad the balance of news

Iraqi press Saturday, addressed many issues and topics of interest to Iraq, including security forces isolate spend entire sharqat willing to break into it.

New morning newspaper under the title: "security forces isolate spend entire sharqat willing to break into it," says the joint operations command, announced Friday, isolation of spending another ISIS strongholds, sharqat in Salaheddin province in full preparation for breaking in, with local Government confirmed for Salahuddin province that size controlled by ISIS worth 10% of conservative College.

Spokesman said JSOC, Commodore salutes Messenger, that "military operations are continuing to edit connector", indicating that the recently liberated forces base will be a platform for future military operations. "

Either the bright newspaper wrote: "a popular uprising and revolt against regulation in the city. And people give up their alkandhari uniforms, stating: battle nears release the connector which hopefully begin next October as most reports indicate, there were frequent remarks by local officials and Westerners on the readiness of that battle by providing all supplies, as well as support from Western armies like France that its President Francois hollande, announced on Friday that Iraq will in Paris to assist the artilleryBy ISIS, fighter at a time when the international coalition, said Friday that the liberation of the city of Mosul of ISIS "in hand and only a matter of time", while us Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, to local Iraqi forces alone were able to defeat the Islamic State to fully restore life, "these developments coincide with the Nineveh Deputy revealed, out of alhbabi, signs of a popular uprising in the city of Mosul, through some young people revolt in shaving their beards, his be or become poor to Weak regulation control lately.

In turn the newspaper term: "dispute over Cabinet bench threatens to split back to the House," which is likely to raise the expected cabinet reshuffle, split returns again to the Parliament after a short period of "harmony", given the severity of differences on the nomination of replacements.

Although confirmation of the Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, lack of attachment to the reshuffle, considering that release the connector is a priority for him, but he returned last week to decide to accept the resignation of a number of Ministers unexpectedly, during two days, formally accepting the resignation announced Abadi seven Ministers, all from the National Alliance, after months on their announcement resign.