New reform policy put reform front support draft Abadi

2016-07-23 at 14:32

A parallel private news

Reform front, confirmed Saturday that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi new ministerial cab himself, ask Parliament to detect lower privileges.

The Deputy said the front alhbabi, Nahla/balance "news front is preparing a reform document for submission to the Parliament to be voted on," asserting that "supportive of reform," in close proximity.

Alhbabi added, "the document contains important law legislation as Amnesty, Federal Court, oil and gas," stressing that "the candidate characters for the posts of Defense, Interior and independent high efficiencies out of partisanship," accompanying "legalization also includes diplomatic missions and Fund and the question of compensation for victims of terrorism."

Mp stressed front, that offers the same cabin with ministerial nominations Abadi ", ask Parliament to" detect lower privileges, and refer to them in the Official Gazette ".

She alhbabi to, "there will be a meeting on Monday to discuss the new shuffle and file position".