Iran: Nuclear sacrifices of our scientists were arrogant powers to negotiations

The Secretary of the Expediency Council, said Iran was able sacrifices of its nuclear scientists as the world Rezaei - Nejad, that conducted the arrogant powers to the negotiating table, saluting the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Iranian nuclear scientist.
Mohsen Rezai and posted on his own in the virtual atmosphere, image Iranian nuclear scientist Dariush Rezaei - Nejad martyr, and saluted the memory of this martyr of the world.
Rezai wrote on his page, if yesterday 's youth spend their energies to cleanse the land of the country 's foreign Conception Gel, today 's youth want to get out of the monopoly of science enemies; with the difference that today 's youth are given less opportunity. Despite all this, the young men from the likes of Shahid Rezaei - Nejad, when the possibilities available to them, walk valiantly to nuclear technology Square and sacrifice their lives in this way.
He added: If Iran is able to talk with the world 's self- esteem, and managed to drag the arrogant powers to the negotiating table, that the result of the sacrifices of their lives scientists such as Rezaei - Nejad, celebrate the anniversary of the martyrdom of this great martyr.