Rhetorical: the collapse of the two lines for the transfer of electrical energy to Karbala

Chairman of the Karbala Provincial Council, on Friday, revealed that the reason for the significant deterioration which happened in the electric power supply a day after the end of negotiations between local government and the Ministry of Electricity is for the collapse of the power transmission lines, blaming the Ministry of Electricity responsibility for blocking the arrival of the agreed share of the province's energy.
He said Nassif Jassem rhetorical, in a statement, received by the agency Nun, news reporting, a copy of it, "After many negotiations with the Ministry of Electricity and obtaining an increase in the share of the province has led to the collapse of the power transmission lines," noting that "this shows the weakness and the failure of the Directorate-General for the transfer energy in the ministry in shouldering its responsibilities. "
He rhetorical, "During follow-ups today that the two lines for the transfer of power today had collapsed and did not bear the loads obtained by conservative hard-earned from the ministry," he said.
He held the rhetorical, "the Ministry of Electricity responsibility of blocking the arrival of the share agreed to maintain power," noting that "The ministry has sent three teams to fix a bug that is being done now."
He rhetorical, that "he sent a telegram to the Prime Minister's Office telegram that said Karbala through the council revealed the fact that the ministry covering them namely the failure to maintain processing its share fair of energy is not the problem of non-production availability or I said, but for the failure of the General Directorate for power transmission functions and non-performance of its responsibilities to provide adequate transmission lines and hidden for important information on the status of those lines and it's dealt with this failure not to give a fair share of the province and the fact proved, after we were provided with prescribed quota by business beyond flagging the transmission lines are being repaired now Dgutat of the provincial council. "
And I saw areas of Karbala and Aqditha significant outage of electric power during the last two days, especially after the end of negotiations between local government and the Ministry of Electricity in the time that has seen the social networking Facebook sites a state of discontent and popular discontent amid disbelief government promises improved power and considered throwing dust Eye.
The deputy governor of Karbala II, announced Thursday (July 21, 2016), for the end of negotiations between a delegation from the local government and the Ministry of Electricity, regarding the improvement of the electric power in the governorate.
Ali al-Mayali in an interview with Agence Nun, news reporting, "has yielded the agreement, which took place this afternoon, between local government delegation and technical Alumil the Ministry of Electricity, the granting of the province of Karbala 650 MW can be increased to 750 MW, but is subject to spin."
And accused the Ministry of Electricity, on Thursday (July 21, 2016), the provinces of Basra, Nasiriyah, Amara and Kut to "overshoot" on the quota of the provinces including Karbala.