De Mistura is seeking for a new Syria peace talks in Geneva

He said the UN special envoy to Syria , Staffan de Mistura , the United Nations hopes to hold a new round of peace between the Syrian parties to the Geneva talks in August.

Said de Mistura told reporters before a meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank - Walter Steinmeier , "we intend to search for a suitable date in August to resume talks between the Syrian parties in Geneva." He added that US Secretary of State John Kerry and officials Ross agreed to take some "concrete steps" to address the situation in Syria , which may help it.

He said that Turkish officials also assured him during a meeting in Ankara this week , they are still committed to working to achieve peace in Syria despite the failed coup attempt that shook Turkey.

De Mistura said , " the next three weeks will be very important to give an opportunity not only for the talks between the Syrian parties but also to reduce the likelihood of violence."

De Mistura said that progress in US - Russian talks on Syria will give the next round of talks a good start and could help the warring parties to take "real and genuine steps toward political transition."

He said the situation in Aleppo , where he faces embarrassment about 300 thousand people the risk of imposing a new blockade on them.

Steinmeier also called for a return to political discussions between the warring parties in Syria.
He said that any violation of a fragile cease-fire will be repeated in the case of the lack of progress on the political front.