The International Alliance acknowledges the killing of civilians by the bombardment Manbej

The commander of the international coalition forces , Colonel Christopher Garver acknowledged the deaths of dozens of civilians in Syria, was killed by an airstrike carried out by his troops on the Syrian Manbej City, three days ago.
Colonel Christopher Garver told a news conference in Baghdad , and followed by journalists in Washington through a private circuit television Friday July 22, " The raid was aimed at both buildings and vehicles belonging to Daash, but reports later received from various sources I talked about the possibility of the presence of civilians between militants of the terrorist organization using them as human shields . "
Garver said it is currently being investigated in the strikes carried out by the coalition, which led to the deaths of many civilians, without referring to specific figures for the number of casualties caused by air strikes, likely that the number of victims and , according to reports ranging from 15 to 70 civilians.
Garver said that the attack against Daash in Manbej, was based on information obtained by the international coalition, a subsidiary of the Democratic Forces for the Syrian forces.
At the same conference Garver said that the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, began to return to work normally , "We expect that the operations back to normal in Incirlik."
He praised the US military official, on both participated in the resolution of this crisis and re - power (electric) to the air base.
The Turkish authorities have cut off electrical power from the existing base in the state of Adana, south of the country after a failed coup attempt took place Turkey, the evening of July 15 th, as the coup took off some aircrafts.