German police: port Munich attack, "18-year-old Iranian"

Twilight News / German police said the gunman who carried out the shooting incident in the Iranian city of Munich at the age of 18 years.
The murder suspect nine people in Olympia Center before committing suicide, according to police. It was initially thought that the three people involved in the attack, but police now believe that someone carried out the attack alone. It was not immediately motivated the attack, which also wounded 16 people in it clearer. He said Munich police chief Hubertus Andrea, told a news conference that the suspect was not known to police, and that he did not have any links to known terrorist organizations may. He added that investigations were still ongoing. Andrea pointed out that children among the victims of the incident, without giving any other details. Initial reports were based on the involvement of three attackers in the incident, when witnesses saw two people were leaving the scene hurriedly. But police confirmed that they are not involved in the shooting.
Work resumed in public transport services after it was suspended when the authorities launched a security clampdown.
According to German media that the suspected gunman killed himself shot in the head. The body was found on the suspect after about one kilometer from the mall. The authorities have closed down large areas in Munich after a shooting incident. He asked citizens to stay indoors, and has stepped up security measures at the border, and flew helicopters for the police in the city's skyline. He said Peter Altmire, director of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office, it was not clear yet whether the attack was a "terrorist" or not. Oltamer said: "We can not rule out that it is linked to terrorism, but we can not confirm that, too." It was the second attack in Germany within a week. He attacked an immigrant boy Monday individuals using a knife on a train in the state of Bavaria. Of the "Islamic state" and the adoption of the attack.