Coalition forces calls for the nomination of ministers replacements for the resigned, ending a proxy appointments

2016-07-22 19:03:33 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The member of the political body of the Alliance of Iraqi forces MP Ahmad al - Mashhadani, on Friday, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to speed the nomination of ministers replacements for the resigned ministers and send the names to the House of Representatives for a vote, noting that the survival of seven ministries vacant , including the interior has a negative effect on the country, while He demanded " an end to appointments by proxy."

Mashhadani said in a statement that " the survival of seven ministries vacant, including the Ministry of Interior has a negative impact on the country under Maishdh, economic, security and political crisis, which is imperative from Abadi quickly nominate replacements", stressing the need to "take into account in choosing efficient, professional , and specifically the Ministry of the Interior , what is exposed by Iraq of serious deterioration of the security and major security breaches, most recently the bombing of Karrada. "

He called al - Mashhadani, the prime minister " to end the appointments in the agency, because it is the cause of the reasons for the failure of the state administration as well as it lacks the balance Almkoonati stipulated by the Constitution , " adding that " the majority who run the security and services of state institutions and independent bodies are advocating and Ataatovr those standards Party efficiency and professionalism. "

And criticized al - Mashhadani , " the way appointments in Government Institutions, namely the security of them , " calling on the House of Representatives because "have an attitude towards this dangerous phenomenon and to develop solutions to them, because it was a major reason for the arrival of the country to what it today as a result followed in the various government agencies , the wrong policies for 13 last year, where he missed in the planning work and relied on patronage and clientelism in its composition as well as the exclusion of competencies and the spread of corruption scary, was all of those reasons combined to cause the emergence of terrorism, corruption, poverty and underdevelopment in the country. "

Abadi was recently issued, Diwaniya orders to accept the resignation of the ministers of oil, transport, construction and housing, water resources, industry, interior and higher education.