Implementation of housing complexes in Baghdad style investment

7/23/2016 0:00

Zamili called on all government departments to build apartments for their employees
Baghdad Wafaa Amer

Baghdad Investment Authority implements a number of residential complexes in different areas of Karkh and Rusafa of the capital, at a time when departments and state institutions have encouraged all the construction of housing units for the benefit of its members through the orientation of the investment.

Chairman of the Authority engineer Shaker Zamili said in an exclusive interview »morning», he was part of supporting the housing sector in the capital by investing plans, it has awarded vacation for two investment companies local newspapers to build housing people complex at a cost of more than $ 66 million, and an area of ​​44 dunums.

He said the intention of the two girlfriends of the project, implemented in accordance with the latest architectural designs that will have a supportive role for the residential sector because they provide suitable housing units for housing in order to enhance the physical reality of the city of Baghdad, racked by urban traffic and wide style investment.

The project consists, according Zamili, 14-apartment building distributed between the two models, the first includes ten buildings and one-four at a rate of 540 housing units, noting that through continuous and direct owners engineering specialist overseeing the project, follow-up has embarked on two companies installed the pillars of the buildings, as well as schools and commercial mall according to urban plans approved within the project.

In the same context, he referred to the keenness of the Authority to pursue referred by her investment projects to promote economic and urban reality of the province, revealing the implementation of a field trip to a number of residential investment projects, including the project (the gateway to Iraq residential), which consists of 2548 residential units ranging from the cost of each of ( 225-340) thousand dollars, paid as the cost of the unit in the form of payments from the stages of construction.

Director of the Baghdad Investment Authority, pointed to the containment of the integrated project services, a spa center, an international school, in addition to a large shopping mall (Mall), explaining that the project faced many constraints, including services and connecting infrastructure major network that the Commission has worked to overcome them in cooperation with the province, noting that the project provided many job opportunities for the unemployed.

It also included a visit as well, and talk to Zamila, the housing complex of Justice, built on 32 dunums at a cost of $ 233 million project, a full-service complex provides 868 residential units consisting of 28 building two types, consisting of the first eight floors, while featuring second kind of ten-story, explaining the project, which Estmralaml by three years, includes integrated services in accordance with the modern shops, medical clinic and a kindergarten and a school class.

Zamili disclosed informed the Commission on executing company business project Brothers housing complex for the benefit of employees of the Ministry of Higher Education area Amiriyah, as the project consists of residential units carried out in three areas and in two phases, as each building of six floors each of which includes a single-story four residential units consisting, in up the cost of implementation of the project to $ 200 million.

He stressed that despite the difficulties faced by the body, but it is seeking by all means to the implementation of investment vision that focused on some of the vital sectors that serve the citizen sectors such as residential to find necessary for the deepening crisis of housing solutions, as well as to encourage enterprises to carry out projects to affiliates style investment.