KRG Rejects Allegations by Wikileaks

22/07/2016 - 13:16


Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has rejected the credibility of Wikileaks emails which claim that Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has given Kurdistan Region $200 million.

Four days after the failed coup attempt in Turkey, Wikileaks released a cache of nearly 300,000 emails allegedly sent by AKP, one of which claims that Kurdistan Region has received $200 million as a financial aid from the ruling party in Ankara.

KRG’s Spokesperson on Thursday rejected the allegation and clarified in a statement that KRG received $150 million from Turkey “as a loan”.

He further explained that more than three weeks in February and March, KRG’s oil exports experienced temporary shutdown, and Erbil requested $150 million from Ankara to pay for public servants' salaries.

Dizayi ensures that the amount is not $200 million and it is a “loan” that needs to be payed back.

Meanwhile, KRG’s representative office in the US released a statement on the leaked emails saying they showed that a senior AK Party leader receives the monthly newsletter and event announcements from the KRG Representation in Washington, along with nearly 10,000 leaders, academics, and friends from around the world. The email address is KRG Representation’s general address and is available on the main KRG and KRG-US websites.

“The KRG’s mission in Washington is to promote the interests of the people of Kurdistan. To suggest that such mailings are inconsistent with this mission is dishonest and deliberately slanderous.”