Urgent Balutaiq..aldakhalih refer the federal police chief to court to achieve fairness

2016/7/22 18:33

[Oan- Baghdad]

According to documents issued by an investigative committee in the Interior Ministry and the Office of the Inspector General at the ministry, on the transfer of federal police captain Rashid Shakir Jawdat to the court of inquiry integrity for not reporting a property he bought in the city of Karbala and mentioned form for financial disclosure to the Integrity Commission.

According to the investigative committee's decision "that through the course of the investigation and look at the disclosure of financial interests submitted by the team form [Raed Shakir Jawdat] and record his testimony in connection with the information received to buy a property in the province of Karbala, the investigative board decided the following:

1. Mqbarh team [Raed Shakir Jawdat, commander of the federal police in accordance with the provisions of Alcadh [240] of the Iraqi Penal Code, and Article 16 of the Integrity Commission Act No. 30 of 2011, and forwarded to the court of inquiry integrity, so as to obscure information on the owned property area in 1299 m 2 in the province of Karbala, the buyer, one billion and 556 million dinars, in the detection of the mechanism of interest sent to the integrity Commission which shows the money did not belong to him inflation prove our money source form. "

2. The decision was made unanimously on 20.4.2016.

3. Display resolution to the attention of the Supreme ordered Abbt for approval.

The documents of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary, revealed Send 07/18/2016 Committee in an investigation of the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, relating to the integrity of the billions of dinars on the federal police chief issues.

According to a document of the Committee and bearing a signature of the president of quitting MP, sent to, the Prime Minister / Secretary-General's Personal commander of the armed forces, the subject of referral dated 07/18/2016: transmit for the purchase of investigative papers [federal police commander] team [Raed Shakir Jawdat] property which is an area of ​​1299 m2, and in fact in the reform area, one of the prime areas in the city of Karbala, one billion and 556 million dinars, though it is not included in the disclosure of financial interests nodded to him and sent to the integrity Commission which shows the inflation of money belonging to it, hoping to take legal action to maintain public money, and let us know. "

And another book of Zamili, to the Ministry of Interior / Office of the Minister, in 18/07/2016, in which he called to inform the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, "the results of the special issue of disbursement of the investigation and of 96 billion dinars, and the amount of 207 billion dinars, and disbursed by the police chief Federal [Raed Shakir Jawdat] without exchange bonds, within the budget of 2015, and the statement of the reasons for not resolved by the ministry so far. "

In response to these investigations Jawdat, he said a press statement yesterday, "the published documents on my order a house is not an official document, but rather a document issued by the Office of Zamili and represents the viewpoint of his party."

He added that "the house purchased bid from the state, and I had to take an amount of 40 to 50 thousand dollars, paid them a monthly profit in order to pay off the home's value for the state and the prime minister [former] [Maliki] devoted to me land in Zayouna Bataatha for $ 1700 per meter one of the order to repay the value of the home as well. "