INTERPOL join the international coalition in the fight against Daash

2016/7/22 19:05

[Oan- follow-up]

International Criminal Police Organization announced [Interpol], today, joining the international coalition against al Daash "to limit the flow of foreign fighters and stop funding the organization.

He said Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stoke during a meeting in Washington of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense countries of the international coalition yesterday, that "Interpol will lead a catalytic role in the area of ​​the police in the campaign against Altaatzim," in a statement published by the organization from its headquarters in Lyon.

And Osaf, "The sharing of information through Interpol is based on the expansion of the national security domain," adding that "one of the key points is to build a bridge between the conflict zone in the heart of the stronghold Daash, and between police services abroad, where waging Daash attacks and inciting extremism."

He Stoke that "the cooperation between Interpol and the Pentagon allowed the dismantling of networks to recruit militants and locate terrorists, foreign fighters to cross-conversion information has been declassified it collected from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq is very important to investigate overseas filaments."

He continued, "The repetition of this approach against Daash would allow increasing the success of investigations ratios significantly associated with it around in groups all over the world," noting that "the efforts of agencies often have to stop at the gates of the battlefields."

He explained that "the sixty-member states of Interpol to share information, which includes more than 7,500 foreign fighters."
It features an international coalition led by Washington two years ago and mount raids on the regulatory sites in Syria and Iraq 66 countries.