Transport: the allocation of buses to residents Basmajh starting next Sunday

2016/7/22 14:58

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Ministry of Transport / General Company announced travelers and delegates allocated buses to transport residents Basmajh city south of the capital Baghdad, starting next Sunday for the transfer.

The general director of the company Abdullah and coffee, according to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "We have several contacts and meetings with stakeholders in the Basmajh complex to run buses to transport citizens."

And between, that "meetings take place to agree on the allocation of two buses with floors from next Sunday morning, an experimental step," adding "in case of the need for more to be thrown again preparing commensurate with the transport volume of back and forth to the city and service to its residents."

Korean company is in the process of creating Basmajh city, which lies 10 km south-east of the capital Baghdad, an area of ​​1830 km and includes residential complexes, that could be expanded by 100 thousand housing units and 300 units of schools, hospitals and police stations,

It is expected that the city can accommodate about 600 thousand people in the event of its creation is completed by 2019.

And delivered to the National Investment Commission in April for the first meal of the apartment owners to buyers of more than two thousand housing units.