Parliamentary economy invites graduates from colleges and institutes to work in the private sector

2016/7/22 10:09

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

parliamentary economy Committee member called Osman Tahsin, Friday, graduates of colleges and institutes to work in the private sector.

Tahsin said told {Euphrates news} today, that "if we want to support the private economy to the national economy, we must first ensure the security situation in Iraq, because without this stability situation cannot public sector nor your stability.

"The private sector support includes support for laboratories and companies and all the tourist and agricultural and commercial sectors and in Iraq by the Government in addition to working to ensure the rights of the private sector within the Government sector.

"Need for college graduates to work in the private sector."

Activate the claims escalated the work and support of the private sector in order to revitalize the national economy, while unemployment is still rising after a few provide grades through 2016.

The Ministry of labour and Social Affairs announced in February, more than half a million jobseekers in their records, indicating that the security situation and the deteriorating economy and delayed growth and stop projects cast a shadow over employment