UN supports the Electoral Commission after questioning its independence

Twilight News / Deputy Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Georgi Posten, said that elections in Iraq, a key pillar to install democracy, stressing international community's support for the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq.
This came during a meeting of the Board of Commissioners with EU ambassadors in the presence of the Deputy Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Georgi Posten at UNHCR headquarters, according to a statement of the Commission responded to the Twilight News.
The President of the Board of Commissioners Serbest Mustafa preparations Commissioner for elections next provincial councils and the important strides made for the application of the schedule set by the opening date of the voter registration update centers.
Posten in turn talked about the importance of the elections in Iraq as a main pillar to install democracy as well as a focus on constitutional timings electoral benefits, importance and respect as an important detail in the democratic process.
According to the statement, the Boston confirmed the "international community's support to the Electoral Commission as a constitutional institution that organizes and manages the electoral process."
He called for continued coordination and cooperation between the United Nations, European Union and the Commission in the exchange of experiences and mutual support to promote the work of UNHCR.
The deputies have declared that they are in the process of collecting signatures in the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Board of Commissioners, following the Commission not to charge independence and its relation to parties.