Electricity: no cut Karbala stake and what is happening is to exceed four southern provinces to the rest of the quota

Twilight News / Ministry denied electricity on Friday that it has proceeded to cut the share of the province of Karbala, declaring that the four southern provinces exceed the remaining shares of the provinces, including the capital Baghdad.
The ministry said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, it was "not cut the share of the province of Karbala holy did not cut the share of any province," indicating that "What is happening is because there exceeded the quota by the provinces (Basra, Nasiriyah, Amara and Wasit) which affects the rest of the provinces, including the shares portfolio of Baghdad, followed the holy city of Karbala, followed by the province of Babylon, note that the share of each province decided through a committee where all provinces participated and chaired by Mr. Torhan mufti. "
The statement added that "the Ministry of Electricity can not increase or reduce the share of any province, and the objecting provinces submit objections to the Committee on enhanced intercepted justifications, such as high temperatures, humidity or the presence of displaced or otherwise, and talk so requests be in the periodic meetings of the Committee Higher coordination between the provinces, meaning that the ministry has nothing to do about it. "