Migration discussed with the US ambassador relief to the displaced people of Mosul

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration of Iraq, said its minister Jassim Mohammed discussed with the US ambassador , Stuart Jones at the ministry headquarters in Baghdad Relief displaced Mosul.
According to a statement of the ministry, said that the meeting discussed relief and shelter for the displaced families , the process detailed in conjunction with the ongoing military operations in Nineveh province and direct coordination to house displaced families of humanity pleura and preserve the lives and security of the pleura.
The meeting concluded by agreeing on a number of points most important to intensify needed for this file efforts and coordination of tasks related to sheltering displaced people as well as a focus on the international community 's support and financial grants that made ​​the day before yesterday by the donor countries to help the government and the ministry of the human's position in support of relief and shelter for the displaced file under crisis financial plaguing the country.
And he gave Mohammed thanked the Iraqi government and the United States for its efforts in the Washington conference to support Iraq militarily and humanly.
As the US ambassador pointed to the existence of a significant challenge for the simultaneous humanitarian side with the liberalization of the city of Mosul campaign and that today 's meeting to discuss the necessary relief operation displaced families and the challenges of that process solutions.
He added that the meeting of donor countries in Washington was successful accession of Iraq to $ 2.1 billion, which will contribute significantly to the success of the relief to the displaced process