French minister to Barzani: seek ways to support the provincial government to pass the financial crisis

2016/7/21 23:06

[Oan- Baghdad]

Search Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, on Thursday, with French Secretary of State for International Development Andrei Valiena diplomat and his entourage, cooperation in the war on terrorism and the financial crisis in the region.

The French Secretary of State for International Development, "his country's support for the Kurdistan region and that France will continue to provide political support and economic of the Kurdistan region."

The French minister expressed his pleasure to visit the Kurdistan region, "and praised the championships, and the bravery of the Peshmerga forces in the face of terrorists, and protect the different components of the people of Kurdistan from terrorism."

He also stressed "his country would continue supporting the Kurdistan region, and the Peshmerga in the war against terrorists, and thanked the masses of the people of Kurdistan, and its government, where despite the great financial crisis, had received a large number of displaced people, and displaced persons, and provided them with shelter, and supplies necessary Life."

In another context of speaking French minister he expressed "his country continued to support the region politically and economically, adding that they are searching ways to provide support and assistance to the government of the region to enable them to pass the financial crisis experienced by, as well as promote and strengthen the historical relations between France and the Kurdistan Region in all fields. "

For his part, thanked me Barzani, the French minister, "to visit the Kurdistan region, humanitarian and military aid provided by France to the region also expressed his condolences and the Kurdistan Regional Government of the French people and the victims of the terrorist act that took place in the city of Nice."

He stressed Barzani, he was "a source of pride to fight the Peshmerga, and faces the most savage groups of global terrorism on behalf of the world, and that the people and the Kurdistan Regional Government has made the effort to receive and accommodate the displaced, and displaced people, refugees, and provided them with security and housing."

He pointed out that "the situation is greater than the energy KRG and Kurdistan need international support and assistance to be able to provide better services for these refugees and displaced persons."

The two sides discussed the process of liberalization of Mosul and post Daash, security and political issues in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, and ways to strengthen bilateral relations.