International Professor Khalil Chandler praises Association regarding the defaulted banks

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Received Iraqi private banks association messengers of Professor Khalil Chandler International Consultant expressing his gratitude for the cooperation shown by the Association and its president, Wadih Handal about troubled banks, seeking to overcome problems
The following is the text of the message

You present consultant company and professional coach compliments.

And I wish to refer to your letter with number 176 dated 18/07/2016 about what you would do sincere efforts and reaching out directly with the departments of banks facing difficulties in providing the necessary liquidity to meet its obligations to depositors, efforts are rarely carried out by the head of the Union of Arab Banks towards the members of the , a troubled banks commends you personally decent and this care and attention.

As to be data I extend to you sincere thanks and appreciation for your trust precious potential consultant and professional coach company, and my experiences, to provide the correct professional counseling graduate departments in these banks, first, with regard to the rapid response to requests from the Iraqi Central Bank distinguished as well as cooperation with me in two phases: " the recovery phase of the current liquidity problem ", and the subsequent stage included" comprehensive restructuring and development achieving the desired objectives, "including these banks giving back to the goals that have been awarded licenses have to fulfill them.

Emtemnina to your good self and the Association of Banks and continued success in Iraqi banks and the economy service

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