Parliamentary privileges denies legal law Parliament deputies confirms the growing delay

2016-07-21 at 19:46

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The parliamentary legal Committee, denied Thursday, having special privileges in the House Bill, confirmed the presence of Deputies is growing to delay passing the law.

The Committee Member said Mohsen saadun/news, "scales House Bill has read first reading and discussing it will goes to more than two months for a more important laws, revealing at the same time" some MPs bid to delay the approval of law. "

Saadun added that "no law of any privileges or bias to Parliament, adding that" If there will be cancellation privileges. "

The legal expert, Tariq Harb, said last Tuesday, the House away from the Constitution and from the Iraqi reality, stating that the law gives Parliament the privileges than the previous system privileges and privileges of representatives within Iraq's financial backdrop.

The House was completed the first reading of the new house rule at the meeting last Saturday