Denied the deputy of the National Alliance and the existence of any movement in the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Maliki only press releases launched by the other.
Riad Ghareeb said to the reporter and news reporting agency, N., fired some of the parties in the Kurdistan Alliance and the outskirts of the Iraqi List, a press statement for the withdrawal of confidence from the prime minister, but did not seek to form the actual matter.
He said that if there happened any project for the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki, that dream is not applicable because the National Alliance, a coherent and therefore can not achieve a quorum to vote on such a decision.
He said strange that the national meeting will be held soon, and I think that the president is serious about his contract and the disease almost the views of the region and Iraq and the rule of law and I think that the meeting and dialogue is necessary and can not be for Iraq to keep living this crisis because it has an effect on people's interests and thus affect services.