Representative financial firm affected Iraq's economy: the policies of neighbouring countries

July 21, 2016

The parliamentary Finance Committee stressed that Iraq's economy is influenced is directly proportional to the policies and actions of neighboring countries.

Magda Committee Member said Tamimi, that the error in Iraq and Kurdistan's dependence on imports from neighboring countries, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

She added that "Iraq has not worked on building its economy and diversify revenue since the fall of the former regime until now, and that's what makes our economy is fragile and weak", stating that "any politician in neighboring countries negatively affect the economy."

Tamimi stressed the need to "reconsider the construction of the Iraqi economy based on diversified revenues and closing the border."

It is said that severe financial crisis Iraq after oil prices fall significantly and the big deficit in the balance of the year 2016, all this with the high expenses of the war on terror to liberate the country.