Jones: a {560} American troops came at the request of the Iraqi Government {Extender}

2016/7/21 17:35

{Baghdad: Euphrates news},

the U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad, said Stuart Jones that "having {560} American troops came at the request of the Iraqi Government", noting that they "welogstion engineers to provide support to Iraqi forces to release the connector.

Jones said a number of media including agency {Euphrates news} Thursday, that "the donor conference held in Washington for Iraq was very successful where it was sponsored by the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and Kuwait collected more than $ 2 billion for the Iraqi people, of which $ 450 million would be earmarked to support humanitarian assistance."

"The United States was the largest donor of humanitarian aid amounting to us $ 313 million.

Jones thanked the courage and skill of Iraqi security forces, Western forces have completely free hand, stating that "there is no intention of the United States to establish bases in the Kurdish areas.

He continued saying that "any action by the United States as a member of the international coalition is at the request of the Iraqi Government," explained that "as long as we are welcome by the Iraqi Government, we will support the Government and people of Iraq to defeat the Islamic State".