The Election Commission received assurances of Sheikh: take legal action

2016-01-21 at 13:22

Baghdad scales news

The independent High Electoral Commission expressed its reservation and strong indignation of all mp Sheikh Ali's remarks on a cable and his claims that do nothing to facts.

The Director tells the Commission Aziz alkhekany statement balance-news/received a copy, "the Commission expressed strong dissatisfaction with remarks Deputy false claims and assurances of Sheikh which did not negate the truth" calling him, to "put the record straight and take legal action if they have evidence proving his remark and offensive sour."

He added, "the Commission reservation to concurs and will have something else to be taken in accordance with the law and maintains the right here to pursue all legal means to respond to those statements".

He explained, "Sheikh to use method of defamation through the media because of the lawsuit brought by the Commission upon making the SJC asks Parliament to lift his parliamentary immunity and that something called him to use slander and abuse through the media."

It is said that high mp Sheikh demanded the dissolution of the Commissioners and replace stands of representative signature collection campaign for that considering that the composition of the Council was in accordance with quotas