Abadi confirms that the joint forces are currently moving to release the connector

2016-07-21 11:53

Baghdad scales news

The Premier said the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, Haidar Abadi, Thursday, that our troops are moving now in Mosul to edit of "dash", pointing to the existence of organized crime of murder, kidnapping and corruption organized another challenge to the country.

The Office said in a statement received Abadi/balance of news/copy of it last, "said attending a graduation ceremony for 24 fighter regiments shields and riot police and federal police, move our forces currently in the connector to release it from the control of the Organization" Islamic State "terrorist", noting that "Park" comes out.

Abbadi stressed by the statement, "the way to combat and prosecute terrorism which we achieve it at alantsa and edit our cities one after another."

The Prime Minister drew, we face a second challenge of cowardly terrorism attempt on killing innocent people to cover up the defeats this terrorism we have plans to confront him in other ways, "he said, adding that" Iraq, the region and the whole world is in danger of this terrorism which requires cooperation to eradicate it. "

He noted that "organized crime of murder, kidnapping and corruption organized another challenge for the country, is a serious challenge needs a big effort to confront him and our troops are able to get rid of these gangs."

And Abadi, "terrorism whenever it receives from us strikes and defeats the seditious and a riot and problems and crises", asserting that "we will continue to defeat terrorism."