Iraq: negotiations complete reshuffle kicks off today 7-21
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Thread: Iraq: negotiations complete reshuffle kicks off today 7-21

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    Iraq: negotiations complete reshuffle kicks off today 7-21

    Iraq: negotiations complete reshuffle kicks off today
    Osman Mukhtar
    July 21, 2016

    Embarked on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, first steps toward a cabinet reshuffle again, after it was approved, the first on Tuesday, on the resignation of six ministers from his cabinet , most of them belonging to the National Alliance

    The Iraqi sources had confirmed for "new Arab", the Abadi plans to reshuffle includes a number of ministers in his government and heads of independent institutions, such as the Central Bank and the Council of the Judiciary and the Electoral Commission.

    According to information obtained "new Arab" from high-level sources, it is scheduled to be held Abadi, on Thursday evening, the first direct meeting between him and a number of leaders of political blocs to discuss the new cabinet reshuffle after accepting the resignation of six ministers from the government his booth considered as came upon prior agreement with the bloc to which he belongs resigned ministers.

    The statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office, on Tuesday evening, has made it clear that the ministers are all from Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and Transport Minister Bayan, and the Minister of Construction and Housing Tariq Kikhany, Minister of Water Resources Mohsen al-Shammari, and Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji, as well as Minister Interior Mohammad Al Ghabban.

    It is noted that the six ministers are all from the ruling National Alliance blocks of the country, divided between the Supreme Council and the Dawa party and the Fadhila and the Badr and the Sadrists.

    According to high-level sources within the National Alliance, the prime minister will be held the first joint meeting late today, Thursday, with the leaders of a number of political blocs in order to reach to nominate ministers replacements for the resigned before heading for dialogue with the Sunni bloc and the Kurdish bloc in the same framework agreement.

    Abadi and moves cautiously and discreetly great fear of a repeat of the crisis that spread throughout the March / March and April / Monthly forget the past, which resulted in the storming of the Green Zone and the buildings of Parliament and the Council of Ministers and the disruption of their work for more than 40 days. -

    In the meantime, a strong current within the National Alliance, led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki raised the idea of ​​granting Abadi, a time limit to complete his cabinet a vote of confidence or withdraw them completely, according to the same sources confirmed.

    And draws to sources Abadi task will not be easy within the National Alliance because of problems with the names of the new ministers is any block and the method of their choice in accordance with the electoral benefit or the size of the bloc within the coalition itself

    The Supreme Constitutional Court had ruled last month the invalidity of the Iraqi parliament session during which voted to nominate five new ministers and the dismissal of five of the government of al-Abadi.

    Also it canceled a hearing that preceded it and which ruled to dismiss the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, which caused a major political crisis in the country .

    And it contributed to the court's decision in the end the crisis, but it also led to torpedo Prime Minister leaves reform that includes the dismissal of ministers and naming others and change the heads of commissions and independent institutions, including the central bank and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Office of Financial Supervision and the Office of the elections, a reformist papers filed by demonstrators civil Baltearan and rib since the beginning of this year and agreed to by al-Abadi.

    Amid fears of a new political crisis plaguing the country, especially that crises are being raised with every call for reform and the elimination of corruption, a student member of the Iraqi parliament from the bloc citizen Habib Terminal, Abadi choosing new ministers without anti or shunned the political spectrum that represents the Iraqi people, and wondered about the compatibility accept the resignation of a number of ministers with the current reality.

    For his part, a political science professor at Baghdad University, Hassan Alaidani, believes that the ruling National Alliance is suffering from a real split on the back of accepting the resignation of several ministers.

    The Alaidani, in an interview with "new Arab", that the citizen bloc, which had controlled the ministries of oil, transport, and Badr, which was in control of the Interior Ministry, and other blocks, will not accept the decisions of the Abadi accepting the resignation of its ministers easily unless it is to persuade them one way or the other

    It warns the government from entering the vacuum cabinet in the event of failure to obtain a parliamentary vote on the new ministers, especially the al-Abadi plans to make a cabinet reshuffle in stages


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    Appreciate everything you bring to the table. Have a great Thursday

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