Sadoun: the political process is quiet and everyone is rethinking his position

{Baghdad} Euphrates News saw the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohsen al-Sadoun, Thursday, that the political process is passing through a lull and everyone is reviewing private accounts after the bombing witnessed in the Karrada district of central Baghdad.
He said al-Saadoun told {Euphrates News} Today, that "Parliament passed the period of conflicts and crashes more than two months," adding that "the situation today has become different, especially after the Federal Court's recent decision against the two sessions of Parliament, all the parliamentary blocs become binding in the presence of the meetings and the participation of committees to provide important legislation for the Iraqi people. "
"The responsibility of members of parliament to activate the legislative work."
However, "the political process is now going through a period of political calm and all the attention towards the military operations in Mosul and everyone is looking for the big shock that took place in the Karrada explosion review all accounts and those who stand behind this crime."
He noted that "it is possible that there will be claims of ministerial changes and bodies and independent election commission in the coming period."
And he saw the House of Representatives with the launch of the new legislative term legislation last week and read a number of laws and discuss security reports in the presence of most of the parliamentary blocs, leading some promise a good move to go after the enactment of the laws of the chaos witnessed by the corridors of the Council in the last period.
According to deputies, the coming parliamentary sessions will witness a new plan to adopt laws Almanmh.anthy 1