View pictures dig "trench" operations around the city of Karbala

It embarked on the threshold of the Holy Hosseinieh cooperation with the leadership of the Karbala provincial council and the security forces dug a trench around the city of Karbala extends to Najaf and Anbar.
The aim of the trench to secure the holy city of Karbala and limit vehicular access to the city mined from the point of Ramadi, according to local sources. The source said that the work of the trench being under the guidance of the incumbent legitimate threshold of the Holy Hosseinieh Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai.
The Karbalai has been instructed to provide all the possibilities for the success of the trench project. The length of the trench about 70 km and a depth of half a meter to two meters, and at altitudes of about three meters, according to the official website of the Department of public activities. In the case of the completion of this Alparwaz, it will contribute to the reduction of the infiltration of terrorists mined and cars aimed at the holy city of Karbala. The Karbala had addressed many of the attacks of terrorists who were trying to sneak into the city, through the desert (Karbala - gray) but security forces backed by the popular crowd able to repel the attack. Edit: Hussein Alkhchima