Detail ... Sabhan in Washington to carry out high-level intelligence mission

BAGHDAD / Sky Press
Informed sources revealed, on Thursday, go for the Saudi ambassador to Iraq, Thamir Sabhan Crown with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Washington to carry out high-level intelligence mission. The sources told the "Sky Press," that "the Saudi ambassador to Iraq, Thamir Sabhan accompanied the delegation, headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, to attend the second meeting of the international coalition to fight Daash terrorist," noting that "the official delegation included the chief of the Saudi General Staff , military adviser to the defense minister as well as Sabhan. " She said he was "not see the importance of having Sabhan, primarily Kanasr in this military Saudi High who is currently in Washington, the delegation," stressing that "the latter is purely diplomatic mission and participation in this military capacity and in this way confirms the fears of its role in Iraq, it puts a thousand question mark over its role in order to implemented in Baghdad, especially as he is a man intelligence previously. " It was Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Iraq, Thamir Sabhan, denied, earlier, leaving the diplomatic mission of his country, Iraq under the "threats". It is said that Sabhan took office as ambassador to Riyadh in Baghdad earlier this year. It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia has closed its embassy in Baghdad after the invasion of Iraqi forces in August 1990 of Kuwait, and after 2003, bilateral relations have been strained, especially during take Nuri al-Maliki, the presidency of the Iraqi government over eight years, was accused during which Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism in his country.

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