The Guardian: Accession of Turkey to the European Union has become more than ever before

British newspaper The Guardian confirmed on Thursday that Turkey 's accession to the EU has become nothing could be further than ever before, attributed to the events in Turkey after a failed coup attempt.
The newspaper said in a report, " The sight of tanks on the streets of Turkey and attacks witnessed by the parliament and military helicopters were flying over the Bosphorus and the failed coup in Turkey last week highlighted the fragility of democracy in the country . "
She added that " the events that followed the failed coup, showed the extent to which Turkey has become a far - fetched to join the European Union."
The newspaper pointed out that "Erdogan distanced distance between his country 's accession to the EU countries , " indicating that "relations between the two sides has become more difficult now, after the passage of a decade to begin talks for Turkey 's entry to EU countries . "