Trump: priority to defeat Daash and not to overthrow Assad

Republican candidate drawing in the US presidential election , Donald Trump features of its strategy toward the Middle East, as it pledged to give priority to the fight against terrorism instead of dropping Bashar al - Assad.
Said Trump in an interview with the newspaper "New York Times" published on Thursday , July 21 after he won the American billionaire necessary number of delegates ' votes for his candidacy in the elections, during the meeting held Cleveland State Republican convention this week: "Lion man bad acts committed atrocious." But he stressed that the organization of "Daash" poses a much greater threat to the United States. It was concluded that toppling Assad is a much lower priority compared with the fight "Daash."
Trump confirmed in an interview with the newspaper that if he wins the elections that will take place in November next, will not put pressure on Turkey and on other allied nations ruled by authoritarian regimes, on cleansing campaigns or prosecution of opponents or violation of civil liberties. He stressed that the United States should "solve our own problems , " first, before trying to influence the actions of other countries.
He added: "I do not think that we have the right to lecture. Look at what is happening within our country. How can we take lectures, when there are people shooting at the security men in cold blood?"
Trump praised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying in reference to the failed coup attempt in Turkey Night 15 on July 16: "I give him a great addition to his success in the transfer of this process in the opposite direction."
He continued: "There are those who say that it was all a play, but I do not think so."
Trump is also believed that, if elected as president, will be able to persuade Erdogan to make greater efforts to fight "Daash , " but he declined to comment on "revenge campaign" waged by the Turkish president against his opponents.
Asked about the "hostile Russian activities" which aroused, according to " The New York Times , " concern the Baltic states, Trump said that if Russia 's attack on those countries, will decide what it was for Washington to help them, and then only after a review of the extent to which these countries "We have obligations."