Defense and Interior are discussing with experts in the treatment of US military explosives Daash

2016/7/20 21:52

[Oan- Baghdad]

Examined by the ministries of defense and interior, with experts from the US Army, addressing the explosives used by terrorist gangs Daash.

A statement by the Ministry of Defense, "was held at the headquarters of the Army Staff of the Ministry of Defense a conference of military engineering and the commander of the Baghdad Operations and the Secretary of the training department and a representative of the Special Task Force and Director of the Directorate against explosives in the Interior Ministry with a delegation of explosives experts in the US Army director."

The two sides discussed according to the statement, "the engineering and intelligence and security work in Iraq and how to benefit from the US experience in the lifting of improvised explosive devices, explosives and find a sponsor in the treatment of explosives used by Daash as a weapon in its terrorist ways, especially after the successful engineering and intelligence effort to minimize the seriousness of the explosives through the continuing efforts of innovative and modern methods that are used to raise the explosives. "