Carter: France will send the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to raids on ISIS

2016/07/20 21:30


The US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, Wednesday that France would send the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to the Middle East to launch air raids on ISIS, said that us-led air campaign designed to destroy the Organization in Syria and Iraq, protection of Western countries of possible terrorist attacks.

Carter said at a press conference after a meeting of Ministers of defence of the States participating in the international coalition in Washington, her disciple/meeting 24/Babel discuss plans to defeat Saba ", pointing out that the air campaign had three objectives notably destroying Iraq and Syria in regulation and targeted anywhere appears in the world and protect our homelands from attack."

Carter said that "France would send Charles de Gaulle air carrier for air raids on the Islamic State, we moved the fight to the enemy and will not rest before elimination, our partners on the ground have what it takes to defeat".

Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi arrived, Tuesday (July 19, 2016), to the United States to attend a defense Ministers Conference, an international coalition to fight against the Islamic State.