Twilight News / accused the central bank, Friday, speculators in the currency market attempts of illicit enrichment through the exploitation of crises experienced by some neighboring countries and the smuggling of hard currency to it that are harmful to the value of Iraqi dinar, saying that the value of the last strong for having an enormous reserve of the U.S. dollar.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed's "Twilight News" that "the reasons for the rise of foreign currency lately, is the presence of some of the speculators who took advantage of the crises in Iran and Syria, and smuggled hard currency to it."

He explained, "We have taken several measures, including that all of the required foreign exchange and working in the private sector to give an account of annual tax shows the economic activity, as well as we have decided to provide the money changers young foreign currency every 15 days to allow travelers to buy foreign currency and dosage information."

It is said that sales of the Iraqi Central Bank in the auction for the sale of foreign currency, on Wednesday, rose dramatically registered the amount of $ 151 million, compared to 117 million the previous meeting, at an exchange rate based on 1166 dinars per dollar.

The bulletin issued by the Central Bank, and received "Twilight News" copy of it, that the total volume of demand for the dollar stood at 151 million and 97 thousand dollars, covered by the central bank at an exchange rate basis was 1166 dinars per dollar.

Salih stressed "there is no fear of falling dinar against foreign currency, because there are huge reserves of U.S. dollar at the Central Bank of Iraq."

The Iraqi central bank held five sessions weekly auction from Sunday to Thursday for the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and receive a cash commission on the sale of about 13 dinars per dollar, and receive a commission of 13 dinars per dollar on the sale of remittances outside the country.