Parliamentary Finance: the House of Representatives issued the Law of the Presidency of the Republic nor the privileges

Publishing Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2016 09:08:27 | Views: 177
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Parliamentary Finance Committee said, that the project of the new Parliament Act, which had been read a first reading in parliament this week, issued by the Presidency as an executive.

According to committee member Jabbar al-Abadi, told the News of the day, that "the bill came from the Presidency as an executive and this does not violate the Federal Court decision that every law the financial bush must be promoted from an executive, and under the constitution and rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, the council's budget be so independent law does not add anything new to this side. "

He denied the Attorney-Abadi, "there are no new concessions in the bill, but the legal status of a member of the Council and the structure of the Council shall be established on the grounds that the council passed in 2007 the law was abolished by the Federal Court and became the Council without law."

He pointed out: "If there is a financial privileges they are not new and the subject remains debatable, but the result is not this, but to enact a law for the House of Representatives as the executive and the judiciary law."

He attributed the National Alliance MP reason for requesting Alliance bloc, to postpone read the bill to "raised some of the existence of privileges, and put in the time and the purpose was to review it," noting that "the law read the first reading, which will be subject to discuss any other subjects see the addition will be declined Everyone ".

The House of Representatives had read in its meeting last Monday for the first reading of House Bill submitted by the legal and financial committees, while Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, refused a request to block the National Alliance to postpone reading it.

The statement said the meeting at the end of the session, according to the information department said the bill "came to organize the constitutional and legal status for the presidency and members of the House of Representatives and their rights and privileges as enjoined constitution and establishment of a general secretariat Bmadriadtha and other formations and to determine the grades for senior positions and the mechanism of recruitment of staff."

He stressed the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, "the need for a bill to the House of Representatives for its importance in the organization of work, noting the importance of the work to mature the bill, noting that the Council's work focuses on the interests of the people is not seen to privileges."

He said a legal expert Tareq Harb, the House bill, "the constitutional violations and gives new financial privileges for MPs."

He said the war "this law includes the granting of the presidency of parliament new concessions outweigh the privileges established by the former regime, No. 50 of 2007, as comparing the provisions of the new bill previous law, we find growing and reproduction of privileges for MPs and so dies the financial situation and economic situation of the Iraqi state in these days, which is heading to reduce government expenditures. "