Iraq and the United States discuss the rehabilitation of Qayyarah base and logistical support for the battle of Mosul

2016/7/20 16:06

[Oan- Baghdad]

I examined the chief of staff of the Iraqi army with the US side to rehabilitate Qayyarah military base south of Nineveh province, in preparation for the battle to liberate the city of Mosul from Daash terrorist gangs.

A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the Secretary of the oldest secret to Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Zainal promised and a number of corner Authority officers discussed with the US side at the Special Meeting of the rehabilitation of Qayyarah base which is a vital starting point for the army formations point and the rest of the Iraqi security forces in all its different forms. "

The statement added that the meeting "focused on the provision of basic requirements, which include insurance protection for the base of the direct and indirect fire and lifting of containers by the engineering effort as well as to create a runway C130 giant shipping."

The two sides discussed the statement said "coordination and cooperation on the provision of logistical support, which includes training, equipping and arming of costly editing of Mosul, Iraqi forces, and also follow the needs and requirements of the battle and building massing tactical center including the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga forces and all military and technical, engineering and medical disciplines to prepare for the crucial for the Liberation of Mosul for the battle." .

The meeting also focused on "the need to create all the needs of the logistical support and the assignment of the pieces involved in addition to the need for a detachments Air Force and Army Aviation to monitor and target the terrorist enemy," adding that "this meeting is the fourth in a series of meetings held between the two sides on cooperation, coordination and logistical support."

The US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said on his visit to the capital Baghdad on July 11 th, "The United States will use Qayyarah base" liberated Iraqi forces recently south of Mosul, the Post editorial process, Nineveh.

The determination of the Pentagon sending 560 additional US soldiers to Iraq also announced, bringing many US troops in the country to the 4647 military, "noting that" these forces that are part of the international coalition and will provide support for the Iraqi security forces, including infrastructure and logistics capabilities. "

Carter stressed that these forces "will enhance the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces in Mosul editing process."