Germany and Japan seem ready to contribute via credit rebuilding liberated areas

2016/7/20 12:56

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Germany and Japan are willing to contribute actively in the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorist operations through grants and loans.

The statement quoted areas received reconstruction fund {Euphrates news} copy of it today its President Abdel Basset Turki said during the meeting Japan and Germany both ambassadors privately that "Iraq looks from friendly countries contribute to supporting Iraq in its war against terrorism and building areas that are destroyed."

Turkish, discussed during a meeting with German Ambassador {IK hard Preveza} "procedures and agree on the implementation mechanism of the memorandum of understanding signed recently between the Iraqi Government and the German Government about recent lending $ 500 million euros to support the reconstruction of areas hit by terrorism."

The President expressed readiness Fund Fund to provide the German side to all the needs of the affected areas which had prepared previously Fund under his plan prepared for this purpose, "adding that" Fund was keen on implementing this agreement to achieve the primary goal of this Convention in accordance with the needs of those areas. "

As Chairman of the Fund, with Japanese Ambassador {Fumio Iwai} in the Japanese Embassy "file rebuilding liberated areas of terrorist operations and the work of the Fund and its plan for this year, the Fund's stages in the implementation of this plan."

The Chairman of the Fund, "an explanation of the Fund's mechanisms aimed at providing basic services and infrastructure and adoption within the Fund's plan."

For his part, between Japanese Ambassador Fumio Iwai, that "Japan's contribution through the International Conference to support stability and humanitarian situation of the displaced people in Washington on 22 July, in support of the process of stability and reconstruction in Iraq and the affected areas".