The Electoral Commission: 45 requests for establishment of 13 political parties and we have the right to control

2016-07-20 11:36

Baghdad scales news

Independent High Electoral Commission said Wednesday, providing 45 for founding a new party, with 13 confirmed that the party law entitles the Commission to monitor.

He said Chairman of the Board of Commissioners srbest Mustafa word during opening ceremony attended by political parties Registration Office/news/balances, "all previous laws did not take political action in Iraq", noting that "after the change in 2003 was going to work as an alternative mechanisms for UNHCR 97 command regarding the elections."

Mustafa added that "the new party registration law, gives the Commission the right to monitor.

And, that "Party Affairs Department will run on party registration and funding modalities.

For his part, said the political parties Affairs Department Director Saad Al-Abdali during ceremonial Chamber, formed by kanonrkom 35 for 2015, to adjust the rhythm of partisan groups running on party registration ", explaining that" this law gives the authority to the Commission in terms of funding parties control.

Abdali was drawn to, that "there are 45 for establishing 13 new party, instead of the old parties."

To that, said Chief Election of Mohsen musavi, that "the parties are part of UNHCR's operational departments to work on the Organization of the work of political parties and organizations in Iraq.

He called al-Musawi, political entities to register the service for the purpose of facilitating the work of the Office of the political parties.