Infallible Economic Council: llkradh met initiative came a quick response to the terrorist act

2016-07-20 at 13:50

Baghdad scales news

President Fouad Massoum, Wednesday, llkradh met initiative came a quick response to the terrorist act, valuing the role of the Council to stand by the Government in the difficult conditions.

The Council said in a statement/balance of news copy, that "the President Fouad Massoum met at his official residence of the President and members of the Iraqi Council, in the presence of the President's advisors Shirawan waeli and bodyguards and Hussein Hindawi.

The statement added that "waeli talked about brief Iraqi Economic Council and the economic, social and humanitarian activities, referring to recent Economic Council initiative (initiative meet llkradh) which followed the cowardly incident in Karada.

The President said Massoum said, "meet the llkradh rapid response response cowardly act reflects the strength of cohesion and solidarity of the people in times of adversity and tribulations", expressing his thanks to "the initiative".

Infallible, called "expanded to include larger and wider spectrum valuing business parking of Iraqi Council members together with their brothers and their Government in these difficult circumstances."

Chairman of the Board, said Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi said "this initiative that showed only show social solidarity and loving sons from different ones.

Al-Baghdadi said, "Council members are fully prepared to develop this initiative and other initiatives contribute to serve the community and the nation."

In turn, bodyguards Advisor price "this unique initiative", hailing "the Economic Council and to all donors.

He stressed that "this work is proof of affiliation and national brotherhood".

Al-Baghdadi said, that this fight is the embodiment of social solidarity in our society ", calling for the need to" ensure the professional and national media Sharif scaled some yellow media and tendentious pens aimed at thwarting demolition initiatives.