Reform calls for the selection of independent instead of the resigned ministers

It called for parliamentary reform front, Wednesday, to the selection of independent ministers rather than ministers who recently resigned, while threatened not to vote on any candidate otherwise.
The MILF spokesman Haitham al - Jubouri, in a statement, " The Front blessed step to accept the resignation of some ministers and hopes to include the rest of them , " calling to "provide independent figures professional fair of technocrats away from the impact outbidding and benefits of political parties and blocs and away from the principle of quotas and sectarianism. "
He stressed Jubouri the need to "show those personalities programs and plans that will work in the case of receipt of the ministries , which will be assigned to them , " and expressed hope that "be that step to achieve comprehensive change for reform in response to the desire of our patient and directives of our references wise."
Jubouri threatened "not to Front vote on any candidate other than Mazkrna", adding that " the voice of the front will remain a voice of rebellious street against quotas and corruption, sectarianism and favoritism , which thwarted the state institutions."