Kurdish forces approaching Manbej city center and cleanse the entire area Alhzawnh

Syrian forces managed democracy in the framework of operations against the terrorist organization Daash cleared Alhzawnh southwestern Manbej entire area, very close to the city center.
Continuing progress in Alhzawnh Manbej area south - west of the city, Syria 's democratic forces and that the Kurds constitute the majority of the entire line -up of clearing the area and drove toward the city center terrorists managed.
And the progress made ​​on Wednesday, Kurdish forces were able and after clearing the entire area Alhzawnh approaching to 800 meters from the city center to the west. In these processes have been killed and more than 26 of the terrorists Daash.
At the same time, Kurdish forces continued their operations in the western Manbej, and was able to purge the government hospital and the areas south of the roundabout fully Sharia circumference, acknowledged the security in this region.
On the other hand, it managed a group of Kurdish forces and support from the international coalition aircraft monitoring the headquarters and main operations room for Daash near the city center, and was able to fully cleanse the area.
At the present time Kurdish forces seeking and through access to the city center via the western axis to provide safe passage to get out of this axis residents out of the city.