Impersonator to combat the arrest and squeeze out the crowd with detainees in return for cash

Detachment belonging to the Directorate inspection Baghdad dropped on Wednesday, in the Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry arrested a person impersonating a member working in the fight against criminality Astgvl citizens and Eptzhm grounds that being able to release detainees in the Interior Ministry to meet with receiving sums of money from them. According to a statement of Interior inspectorate.

The statement added that the process of arrest has after receiving information and complaints from citizens about a member of the anti - crime procuring money from them match the release of detained relatives, but take their money and tire for his pledges to release Moukovanm.

The inspection Baghdad director of the form of an ad hoc committee to follow up on the merits of the case under his chairmanship, and after obtaining the Commission for an injunction fundamentalist investigate, arrest, and immediately after being sure of the involvement of the accused acts of fraud, deception and impersonation, ambushed him and arrested him red - handed in possession of an amount of US $ 800 Asthsalha of a citizens ' meeting Suspended for the launch of the release of his relatives at the interior.

It showed that the Commission has the codification of confessions and statements of the accused and of ratification with the investigating judge, where her show from the confessions of the accused that impersonating a volunteer in the popular crowd , too.
The investigating judge ordered his detention pending further investigation of the case.