News of the escape of the Turks coup officers into Syria

The news agency "Lucky" sources in the Syrian opposition to the leadership of a group of Turkish officers involved in the coup attempt, including the officer pilot who bombed the Turkish parliament in Ankara, fled to Syria.
The sources said that some of the officers fled to areas controlled by the Syrian army, others to the areas controlled by the Democratic Union Party of Syria 's Kurds.
And it predicted "Lucky" that the relevant Turkish authorities announced the escape of officers to Syria formally soon.
At the level of the failed coup attempt and the circumstances quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the Turkish intelligence service had received warnings and "useful information" from France related to preparations for a possible coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , a few days ago, which has helped to thwart the coup.
The agency said the information provided by France pushed the military and security forces in Turkey to take proactive measures to thwart the coup.
The sources confirmed that this information reached the Turks such as the zero hour at least two days, but did not specify an hour coup, but revealed the general framework of a coup.
According to the sources, the French information was a surprise for the Turks, especially since the principle of a coup was something out of the accounts.