By direct deduction .. Cabinet all subject to income tax salaries and allowances
of staff

views 138 07/19/2016

The Cabinet decided on Tuesday to place all the salaries and allowances of state employees with the exception of (marital and children) to income tax. And that based on the document issued by the Ministry of Finance / General Authority for taxes.

According to the document, it is ' based on the approval of the Council of Ministers under resolution No. (156) at (07/06/2016), on what was the memorandum of economic and financial policies have been reached with us the International Monetary Fund and the amount under the letter of the Ministry of Finance / Department of public debt No. (828) in the (June 15, 2016) '.

The document added, 'decides in accordance with paragraph (23) subject all salaries, wages, allowances and bonuses and any additional payments and overtime wages and other allowances granted under special laws, with the exception of (marital allocations and children) charged by government departments , staff and the public sector and mixed three presidencies and members of the House of Representatives and provincial councils, ministers and their rank shall be fixed, as well as agents and special grades to the income tax, the income tax by direct deduction from the salary of the second division up '.

She continued, ' with the exception of members of the armed forces (non - civilian) belonging to the ministries of defense and interior , "pointing out that" work is done under the uncles from ( the first of June 2016).'