Barzani and the British Ambassador stresses the political agreement before the start of liberalization of Mosul

2016/7/19 22:52

[Oan- Baghdad]

Search President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Tuesday, with Britain's ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker and his entourage, the war on terror.

A statement by the presidency of the province received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the two sides discussed "the latest developments in the field of counter-terrorism and the fight against extremist ideology in the world and the region, was to highlight the military victories achieved on the elements of al-Daash in different parts of Iraq." .

The two sides discussed according to the statement to "the merits and benefits of the battle to liberate Mosul, where he stressed that the solution the most successful and the most important is to stand against any attempt to deepen the internal problems, and the need to protect religious and ethnic components, and to ensure the non-recurrence of the tragedies suffered by the people of this province in the past, and should all conform Parties on the political document is being signed between the various components to reduce the recurrence of conflicts and problems of previous eras. "

He briefed the British ambassador in Iraq, Barzani, for "his country's position on the question of liberation, gave a brief explanation about his country's decision to exit from the European Union and the impact of the move on the foreign policy of Britain."

The two sides exchanged "positions on the ongoing political process in Iraq and the outcome of the relations between the KRG and Baghdad."