MP Abdul Hadi al-Hakim: The House bill lacks some of its decisions in the spirit of the Council and its functions and duties that make up for it

view 33 07/19/2016

House of Representatives session agenda included for the day on Monday 18/7/2016 m the first reading of the law ( the Iraqi Council of Representatives).

I am at a time when I call it to a law to the House of Representatives includes activating the legislative role and oversight to be expressed against the values ​​and principles and the interests and the concerns and needs of the citizens, strongly opposed to the contents of the mentioned draft of the privileges of the President and members of the Presidential Council and the House of Representatives

The task of the legislative power of the House of Representatives as well as legislation and supervision to achieve social justice among citizens and bridge the deep gap and the vast difference between the citizen and the official in rights and duties, as before the law establishes what is incompatible with the principles and values ​​in several paragraphs.

The above Vsoaml full force with many of my fellow MPs to reject the law, and the only amendment to its articles and paragraphs to ensure delete those privileges alleged rights by what Allah revealed by the Sultan, seeking to make the interest of citizens , not personal interests first and the most important responsibilities and tasks of the presidency and members of the House of Representatives, which is vision of the upper reference repeatedly urged them in its multiple and speeches.