Basra is preparing to erect 435 camera control their status and seek its remuneration or cancellation of installments

2016/07/19 18:39


Basra, announced Tuesday, near monument 435 camera in the center of the County, (590 km south of Baghdad), stating that the province seeking to wage their eigenfrequencies of installment 315 million dinars or get exemptions, while conservative police command confirmed that the project contributes to strengthening the capacity of security performance and reduce violations and organized crime.

He said the Chairman of the Security Committee in Basra, Jabbar Al-Saadi, during a joint press conference with the County Police Chief, major General Abdel Karim Mustafa, in the Council building, downtown Basra, following a security meeting attended by (long press), that "in the coming days will see the monument project 435 camera status to be central control room in Basra operational command building.

Attributing Al Saadi, "project delayed his own lack of frequency allocation by a media that require payment of $ 315 million dinars," Noting that "the local Government seeking installment amount or get an exemption from the Prime Minister."

Basra police chief said that "cameras aimed at raising the capacity of security performance and reduce violations and organized crime."

A little advertising for a project set surveillance camera in the Basra Governorate was about four years ago, but was delayed because of problems related to lack of access to information and communication body frequencies.