Land Bank: Karzna for citizens of 50 million dinars it will take to eliminate corrupt officials

2016/07/19 18:12

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Said the Land Bank director Khudair Abbas, on Tuesday, that there are mechanisms Iatmadha bank for the disbursement of the loan for citizens up to 50 million dinars, and among the interest on the loan amounting to 3% and the duration of up to 10 years without a sponsor and vacation building, stressed convert any employee earns bribes from citizens to justice and the abolition of the entire treatment of the loan.

Abbas said in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "there are three activities of the bank first is building gives to the citizen who has a piece of residential land area of ​​more than 100 m loan, the second type is a loan to the process of adding construction, the third activity is a loan for the purchase of housing units within housing complexes of the government. "

Abbas added that "NH is a mechanism in this regard was organized in cooperation with the National Investment Commission and presented in front of the President of the advisers in the Prime Minister's office," noting that "limit this moment did not come to answer them and we expect to approve and support the investor and the citizen that one."

Land Bank director said that "the interest rate on the disk amounting to 3%, and loan term of 10 years up to $ 50 million Iraqi dinars without a sponsor and vacation building does not require him to provide only the building of an engineering firm specialized map and in the case of a communal property offers a roadmap to install borders."

Abbas and that "the construction area in the residential segment that area of 100 meters, must be 65 meters," noting that "There is a strong turnout on the bank."

To combat bribery in loan transactions, Abbas made it clear in the case of a bribe, the transaction will be canceled completely and slender employee to the judiciary. "