Develop a plan to deliver electricity to the cities of Fallujah and Karmah

2016/7/19 16:15


The Ministry of Electricity and other temporary plan permanently to deliver electric power to the cities of Fallujah and Karmah Daash after the terrorist destruction of Falluja cement plant completely.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday that "the interim plan will include a monument mobile station and effort 132/33 kV in Vine City and the city of Fallujah, one of the lines the path of [western Baghdad cement Fallujah 1 + 2] 132 kV and Fallujah west of Baghdad, 1 + 2] 132 KV, "noting that" it was the rehabilitation of these lines that fall within the responsibility of the Directorate General for power transmission / Central region, have arrived to work in the two lines advanced stages, and it will work this new mobile instead of the station Cement Fallujah] destroyed completely, and will be the Directorate-General for the distribution center to rehabilitate stations and lines 33/11 kV and Thaoh mobile stations 33/11 kV to restore electrical power to the vine, the city as a first stage. " .

He said Menem said "it is expected the delivery of electrical power to the Vine City and Fallujah during the period of 15 days from the date of the mobile access if stations provide rehabilitation lines mentioned," noting, "The second plan and permanent will be in which the exploitation of Fallujah station building high 132 k. P, which were not damaged, along with lack of the civil works influenced, and will be allocated to one of the stations available in the power transmission projects and processed from previous decades and installed Directorate in Fallujah secondary station and in coordination with the Directorate of power transmission projects and to transfer some of the equipment of others available from the north of Fallujah station to station mentioned. "

He continued by saying that he "will be completed by the delivery of electric power are permanently to the city of Fallujah during the three-month period after obtaining approvals fundamentalism on the allocation and transfer of the cement plant Fallujah Fallujah to the secondary station."

And it saw the cities of Fallujah and Karmah large-scale military operations have led to the destruction of much of the infrastructure in them, while the security forces were able to free them from the impurity Daash terrorist.