The United Nations accuses Iran of supplying Iraqi militias with weapons


Report confirms us Navy control arms shipments in the Gulf of Oman, Iranian origin from Iraq in flagrant violation of international law.

Tehran-Iran's accusations renewed United Nations to send weapons to Iraqi militias, saying it violated international law such a step.

He said UN Under Secretary General for political affairs Jeffrey Feltman in his report presented to the UN Security Council Monday that Iran violated international law by sending weapons to militias in Iraq. "

The report pointed to adjust the arms shipment by the US Navy in the Gulf of Oman. These weapons were Iranian origin, contrary to the provisions contained in annex II to resolution internationalist. She also participated in Iranian Iraq exhibition components for weapons and arms transfers there without prior approval.

The American diplomat was Zalmay Khalilzad formerly Iran has demanded to stop supplying weapons to militias asserted that his country would monitor what is happening on the ground in the future.

As revealed in March Tikrit fighting between Iraqi forces and the Islamic State of Iraq's militia to sophisticated Iranian weapons like missiles and artillery and rocket launchers amid the silence of the Baghdad Government.

Then spoke of Iraqi political and military officials to the popular crowd militia announced the use for the first time in Iraq, Iranian weapons in battles against Tikrit Islamic State hot fears of growing capacity of militias loyal to Iran.

She added that the militias of the crowd were used in the battle of Samarra and Tikrit multiple types of Iranian weapons including rocket launchers with different abilities and heavy artillery and surface-to-surface missiles, mortars and others, equipped with Strela type anti-aircraft missiles, unmanned planes for surveillance.

Iran is trying to strengthen the militias at the expense of official Iraqi forces to preserve their interests and influence in the country.

Although the popular crowd forces promoted to being subject to the control of the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, as belonging within the structures of leadership and under military control of the State, but the biggest influence on land owned by the Iran-backed militias and controlled. Which are formed in mostly by groups of experienced fighters in combat who have years of experience in fighting.

Number of confirmed reports Iran supplied these groups with a great deal of training, weapons and financial support and used them as proxies to undermine and marginalize groups that are trying to curb the power of Iran or those that seek to strengthen the Iraqi State in some way hinder Iranian influence.

It should be noted that the popular crowd militias were formed late June in 2014 with an opinion from Iraq's Supreme Shiite religious authority Ali Sistani, like the emergence of Islamic State, popular crowd 2016 budget trillion and 160 billion Iraqi dinars.